What will the best techniques and strategies be?

SEO is constantly being updated, not only because of changes and updates in the search engine algorithms, but also as a result of variations in users’ habits and the way they search for, and interact with, different content. It is still the most essential process in web building, imperative to improve WPO (Web performance optimization for the uninitiated). So, what will the trends for next year be? Let’s take a look…

More Rich Snippets:

Google is constantly implementing new features in the first search results. In addition to the already known rating stars and outstanding images, there are also carousels, tabs and lists with questions and answers.

The enriched snippets are a must. They help Google as it uses them to interpret and classify information. Their correct application will make your content stand out from the competition.

In 2021 you will have to keep a close eye on the evolution of Rich Snippets, keeping them as up-to-date as possible, according to Google’s guidelines.

Optimized and high quality content:

Competition will increase exponentially. SEO of 2021 will require content to comply with these three imperatives:

Freshness or recurrence is required because Google increasingly rewards updated and/or fresh content. Although there are exceptions, you should publish new content on a regular basis to improve SEO and be considered relevant in your industry.

Additionally, you will have to provide value for the user. You must know your niche and treat it as a ring to a finger. At the same time, you have to transmit it in a clear and concise manner, without detours.

Last but by no means least, it is necessary to optimize your text for SEO. What does it consist of? It is necessary to know what each search intends to find in order to adapt the relevant parts of the text, investigate the competition, optimize the meta tags and give a “SEO layer” to the content itself.

Three legs. The fine line between appearing on the first page or ending up at the bottom of the search engine.

The brand above all else:

The part with the greatest growth in recent times. Working on a good and strong brand will be increasingly important to improve the positioning of web projects. Present and future. Why?

Relevance is an essential element for the search engine. Intimately linked to it, is the brand image. The more powerful it is, the stronger you will be in your industry, in Google’s eyes.

If your users search for you by the name of your business, then Google will interpret you as relevant and the optimization of your project will go to the next level.

So be as relevant to your industry as you possibly can.


As the algorithms are refined, SEO requires a lot of time and a wide variety of different tasks. For this reason, it will be as important as ever, to have the right tools and know how to automate certain tasks as much as possible.

New strategies:

Although SEO both on the technical level and OnPage, continues to be important, it is necessary to look for new strategies. More than ever, it is important to be up to date and adapt quickly to the different changes that may appear, as well as investing on creativity.

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