The Persona is a semi-fictional profile based on real customer data that represents a company’s ideal customer.

The main objective of the Buyer persona is to create a profile that synthesizes the main characteristics of your customers so that the brand can create strategies that are aligned to this audience and capable of meeting their demands. To create the persona, you need to do a lot of research, and if you are new at all this and think you need some advice, then you should definitely contact our professional content management team, which will be happy to help you with this and more!

It’s important to realize that persona and target audience are different things. The main difference is that the target audience is a more generic definition of your consumer group, while the persona creates a well-defined identity in the role of a character.

But what is a persona for?

A persona has several important uses, having a buyer persona will help your business to:

Define channels of communication with the public: The persona also covers the channels that the public uses most to get information and interact with brands. It is on these channels that you must be present to communicate with people.

Define Content Marketing guidelines: Personas play a key role in Content Marketing. They raise the main doubts and needs of the public. And each persona question can be transformed into an agenda for blog posts or social networks.

Define the best language and tone of voice: The persona also serves to direct the language and tone of the content. After all, you need to communicate better with people. There is no point in using a formal tone of voice if your audience is young and relaxed.

Optimize the user experience on the website:

The personas also help to understand how the user would use your website, where he arrives, how he navigates, what content he is looking for, etc. So, designers and developers optimize navigation, layout, and functionality to offer the best experience.
And much more.


Having a buyer persona is essential for any business, and here at Rangval, the best service for project management, we always advise on the best tools for your personal project or your company, and we hope that this short piece on Buyer personas helped you get a better hang on this amazing concept.

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