In our previous articles, we have mentioned a lot how to improve your website or have more traffic to your site. And now our central topic will be to know the backbone of this system and how to use it. Of course, you always need to consider using Rangval services for content management and creation for your site.

Everyone who owns a website must know what a is backend. For those who don’t know it, let us explain. We will start with an example; you are now reading this article and browsing this website. This means that you are interacting with a frontend. Us who wrote and uploaded this article are interacting with a backend. Essentially, you create your content on the backend to display it on the frontend. To put all this in a term, a backend is the software where you keep the data and make the changes on a website. The actual website that the users see is actually the frontend. So, website owners use the backend to adjust everything they want on the frontend. In this technology era, your backend needs a lot of data to make your frontend look richer in design and content.

Backends’ server application is capable of holding millions of terabytes of data. Also, it is clever enough to search and find the related data that frontend needs. You shouldn’t save large data in your browser memory, because browsers are not designed to store large amounts of it. It is just made for displaying users’ interactions. If you keep essential information like user credentials in browser’s memory, it will be easily hackable and anyone can steal your data. At this point, you can see how a backend is important to preserve your data. It is mandatory to keep your private data on backend in a secured and encrypted format, so even if your server is hacked, it would be hard to steal and understand your private information. All of this is possible on backend side and it is not possible to do it in frontend.

The backend is the heart of your frontend to pump and provide information to your website, so it would work properly. Having said that, you can still create and develop frontend without the existence of a backend. If you want further information on backend servers, contact our team of experts for advice.

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