In order for your content to be ranked by search engines and found by users, linking is a must. Nowadays, every person interested in SEO and content marketing has started placing importance to linking. Nonetheless, most of the time internal links are disdained. In this article you are going to read why internal links are significant in content creation and what the correct linking practice for internal links is.

Before we start, we have to understand what internal linking is. It is simply linking a page from your own website to another. For example, you have a sports blog and in the recent news you have written, you mention about NBA. If you have a page and content specifically dedicated to NBA, you can place an internal link on the news you have just written on NBA.

So, why is internal linking important? Because it bolsters your site structure by helping your visitors reach the other content you create, increasing the online time of visitors coming to your website, increasing and balancing the page views, improving the chances of crawlability, and helping the indexation of pages in your website. None of these listed can be considered harmful for the search engine optimization of your website. Try and see how the ranking for your website changes!

All in all, internal links are not the mere technique of SEO friendly linking practices but it is surely one of the most important ones. However you should never forget the fact without a solid content, linking will be meaningless. For an all-inclusive content management services, you can get help from our professionals.

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