You must have become acquainted with the term “startup” in the recent years. If not, we bet you are not of those geeky entrepreneurs. Let’s dig up and find out what really startup means. Startups are newly developed companies that aim to offer a solution to a problem and provide a product that does not exist in the market. Nowadays, young entrepreneurs tend to invest their money on startups; however, it is not a secret that most of them fails to reward the investment put on. One of the biggest aspect they tend to miss is Search Engine Optimization. We have many times highlighted the fact that why SEO is important for your conversions and marketing goals. In this article we are going to explain why SEO must be considered as a fundamental part of startups.

First of all, unlike popular marketing strategies such as social media advertising, SEO can be free. Even if you hire professionals for SEO services, we promise you that it won’t be in vain. It has been proved repeatedly that traffic from Google or any other search engines are way more effective than the one you will acquire from conventional marketing strategies.

Secondly, since startups are newly developed companies, their target audience can be often unclear to the CEOs and founders of the company. The good news is that SEO helps you reveal significant amount of data. By using Google Analytics, you can display which keywords your visitors have looked for to find you. That way, you will be able to identify your customer base better. Accordingly, you can build your growth plan based on the business strategy you will form with respect to the target audience data.

Last but not least, while advertisements seem to be quite profitable in the short run, you cannot just deny the fact that SEO builds a strong customer base over time. Having a long-termed business that returns profit is dreamlike for every entrepreneur. That is why, we believe that SEO is much more reliable when it comes to choosing a marketing strategy.

All in all, if you are also one of those entrepreneurs with an unprecedented business plan but afraid of failing, we advise you to consider searching the importance of SEO beforehand. If you have any doubts, you can read more about Project and SEO management.

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