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Recently, here at Rangval office, we were managing a project in Chisinau and we started debating around the topic of: “how a good business should look like and how important it is to have a good strategy and plan for that matter”. Well it is no secret that behind every successful business you can find a strong plan and a well-defined strategy. This topic got me thinking and it inspired me to do some research and write this blog post, where I can concentrate some ideas on why it is important to have a good strategy, along with some tips for improving the productivity of your company.

Undoubtedly, without a business plan and a strategy, there is no point in having a business. In fact, you need to set new goals regularly as we live in an ever-changing world and we need to constantly evolve and develop ourselves and our lives on every level, including the professional side.

I was not surprised to find out that this is a frequently searched topic and I’m glad to see that there are a lot of people who want to improve and develop their businesses. So, I gathered a short list of basic rules which can do that for you.


Invest in the training and developing of your team

We live in an ever-changing world and we need to keep up with current events. Investing in the training and developing of your employees will result in evolving the work-related processes which in turn leads to higher efficiency. Getting involved in the development of your employees also shows them that they are recognised and makes them feel important for the company.

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks

An easy rule which might be difficult to put in practice. Obviously, your business is very important and each task must be completed perfectly. However, this usually leads to assigning the same tasks to the same people that you already know they are good at it. It is recommended to not be afraid to delegate tasks to new people. Maybe someone from your team can surprise you by a hidden skill or talent. At the same time, you should keep in mind that assigning the same task over and over again can lead to boredom and your employees might feel unchallenged.

Match tasks to skills

Allow your employees to do what they do best. A good practice (experiment) can be to present a list of tasks to all the employees so that they can pick what they would like to do. This can have multiple benefits. An employee will feel higher responsibility to complete a task they personally chose than a task they were assigned; they will choose a task which is enjoyable to them and thus they will be more productive.

II. Continuous improvement

Goal Setting

Everybody knows the importance of setting goals and planning your next steps in order to reach your company’s objectives. An interesting practice is to involve your employees in the process of setting these goals. This will make them feel important and they will feel more responsible in attaining a goal that has been produced through a common effort.


It is crucial to offer and receive feedback as this will help find and resolve issues faster. The most important detail under this subject matter is that the feedback must be constructive and it should never be personal. Constructive feedback has the target of encouraging development and offering better guidance on how to achieve the goals set.

Cut out the excess

This has to do with cutting out any and all unnecessary things, either tasks or plans. When your employees are focused on important tasks, it is recommended not to assign other small or low-impact tasks which may result in wasting precious time and decreasing the overall efficiency.

III. Keeping up with the latest trends

Embrace telecommuting

Lately, telecommuting, also known as working from home or another place outside your main office space, is becoming more popular. Can this be surprising? We live in an era where technology is paramount. A good example of this is the way we work now that everything is digitised. Once wireless devices became a part of our life, we became able to carry a small device in our pocket or bag allowing us access to everything. A frequently asked question is: “Can telecommuting be efficient?” and the answer is definitely YES. Here are some reasons why people would choose to work from home rather than an office:

  • Employees can focus on their tasks easier as there are less disruptions.
  • Everyone can use the time spent to commute between the office and home on something more productive.
  • It is eco-friendlier as you can save on fuel.
  • It is cheaper as it saves transit costs as well as the costs to rent office space and keep it supplied and supported with the necessary logistics.
  • And a bonus reason: It is easy to monitor what your employees are doing. There are lots of applications that which allow you to monitor their activity, assign tasks, make plans and “to do” lists and most importantly, it is easier to communicate online nowadays and most probably we are already doing so at the office as well.

Some companies started to implement telecommuting on a part time basis, allowing people to enjoy the benefits of both scenarios: working at the office and at home. This creates a better life-to-work balance and it diversifies people’s lives while reducing routine. However, I would like to add that human interaction is just as important, so it might be a good idea to meet from time to time and catch up with colleagues as well as having the meetings in person.

Don’t be afraid to outsource

It is also becoming more and more popular to outsource. It’s proven to be more effective especially when it comes to facets that are not required on a daily basis. For example, an IT master who can help your employees resolve whatever computer technology issues arise, is a must. However, such issues do not occur every day and this is why the need is usually outsourced now, meaning that you can have an IT master on demand. It is far more efficient and cost effective to have a great IT guy assisting you with any such matter, while paying them only for the services they deliver, instead of hiring full-time personnel, or even constitute a department in your company to cover such issues.

Other examples of outsourcing include: HR specialists, Social Media Managers, Accountants, Event planners, Translators, or Project managers.

The key to outsourcing is to find trustworthy partners. Luckily, we are here to help! A great team of ambitious and creative people who can help you and your business. As you already know, Rangval is known for providing the best services for outsourcing in Chișinău and we are always looking for new challenges and partnerships.

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Overall, it is important to mention that the key to a productive business consists of always revising and developing your business plan while implementing new things. Remember! There is always room for improvement!

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