Here at Rangval, we have devoted ourselves to providing you with suitable and useful information for a successful website. We gave advice on how to improve your SEO strategy, what translation tools you should implement, what can you do with your social networks and several other topics. In brief, we have tried to guide you on what to do. Now it’s time to discuss on what you should not.
Your website is more than an internet tool. Depending on your marketing strategy and your goals, a successful website is the key to boosting your business. Hence, it’s a necessity for you to properly manage it so that your purposes are served. We don’t refer to the way it looks only. Issues like its navigation and its user experience are capital ones that may have an impact on your company’s marketing strategies.
This article focuses on the top common mistakes you can avoid; do that and we promise that your website will be much better than your competitors’. Let’s begin:

  1. Slow server: Loading time is paramount for a good user experience. A slow website may drive visitors and potential customers away. In this case, you may want to check the size of your images, media and other add-ons to begin with. A professional site must have a fast response as per customer’s activity. You may have to consider changing the server, if that happens to be the issue.
  2. Hard-to-find contact information: Accessible contact information provides transparency and legitimacy to your brand. Ideally, your website must count on a link to a page dedicated to your contact information and it should be easy to locate through an always present navigation. Furthermore, it’s always best to offer several ways to contact you not just a single source. Try to offer multiple ways such as e-mail address, phone number, even mailing address. If you want to excel, you could even add a chat manager.
  3. Outdated information: This may seem obvious, but you won’t believe how many sites contain outdated info. It’s imperative to update your content regularly, in order to keep your site fresh and up-to-date. This will certainly bring better results to your business. Additionally, make sure that your content is accurate and suitable for both your niche and your marketing strategy.
  4. Broken links: Bad links on your site are something you definitely want to revise and fix. Hyperlinks leading nowhere, to pages that may not exist anymore, or not working at all, may be the downfall of your website. Keep an eye on this by constantly running check-ups – weekly if possible – so that you make sure all your links are working as they should.
  5. Poor navigation: A comprehensive site is always attractive to visitors / potential clients. What we recommend is to have a navigation bar where they can easily find where to go next or immediately check what they are looking for. You don’t want to create a rambling site. Instead, you want to offer and promote your services in the best possible way. Additionally, you may want to have a sitemap (which must also be easy to find) for everyone to see what your site contains.
  6. Colors and fonts mess: The last thing you want on your site is a carnival. Set up a specific design and color palette for your pages. Simple doesn’t mean boring and you don’t need to show off your artistic abilities by gathering a bunch of styles on every page. Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget about how it’s going to look on mobile devices and tablets.
  7. For some, these mistakes may seem obvious, but avoiding them is crucial for a successful website and marketing campaign. On the internet, you can make your company grow exponentially. These six common mistakes are just the tip of the iceberg; if you want to learn more about how to achieve a good site, don’t leave Rangval and go check our blog section where you’ll find even more useful information.

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