Having a successful website is essential for the promotion of your company’s services. But what does a successful website do? Of course, it attracts visitors to the page in the first place, but also it is very important that those visitors stick around your site after the first peek! Finally, a successful site leads people to take action on it, either by performing a specific action or subscribing and becoming your customer.

Now, the question is what your website needs to be a successful one; what elements should you include so customers stay and browser your page? At Rangval, we provide the best services for content management that every website owner needs.

Let’s list now some of the “must-have” elements for a successful website:

  • New and updated content: Up-to-date and timely information is always appreciated by users, and for this you need a good schedule and posting strategy.
  • Simple design and intuitive navigation: Certainly, visitors stick to what is easy to the eye, that’s why we advise you to have a clean and accessible layout where information and services are presented as attractive and intuitive as possible, this applies to the menus and grids as well.
  • Mobile version: Nowadays, everyone has a cellphone and people tend to research more via their smartphones, so it is a good tool to have a mobile-compatible adaptation of your site to make it more comfortable to your potential customers.
  • Accurate keywords: In order to rank higher on Google search, you need good keywords on every page/post of your site. Add searchable keywords on the title, the URL and the body of your page/post.
  • Relevant calls-to-action: Of course, the main purpose of a website is to lead people to perform certain actions related to the services you offer; in this sense, you should have clear links/buttons/pointers to tell the visitor what to do next.
  • Linking to social media: Having social media for your company gives credibility and encourages sharing. With this you’ll have back-and-forth traffic between your site and other platforms.
  • About you and how to contact page: First of all, it gives credibility to your company and it allows to state you are a real and legal business; secondly, it makes you reachable for visitors whenever they need you or your services.

Having all this alongside a strong domain name, fast page loading, good SEO and website security, will certainly make your website better and rank higher on Google Search. If you are new at this and want to leave it to the professionals, then you can contact the experts on content management at Rangval.

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