Following the introduction of social media into our lives, it became imperative to go digital for all businesses regardless of the industry they are in. The net result was that those companies that have used the power of social media correctly, experienced a profit spike. Others have gone bankrupt just because of a tiny PR crisis.

What they probably didn’t realize, was the fact that things on social media happen dazzlingly fast. One day, a dog playing catch goes viral in a few minutes. Another day, a brand loses millions just because of an inattentive employee. The power of the internet makes any information available to 4 billion people in nanoseconds. Not even a few minutes.

To effectively manage a social media crisis, the best advice we can give, is to plan ahead of any disruptive or unexpected negative event. Of course, this may not be possible at times. Anyone can get caught off guard. It’s an inherent trait of the human race to miss small but important details.

However, there are steps that need to be taken before a crisis emerges. While they may not prevent all sorts of problems all the time, they definitely help you minimize the damage, a potential crisis causes. Let’s jump in!

1. Establish a social media policy

Your most effective weapon is to come up with a comprehensive social media policy right from the start. A detailed and well documented strategy should provide your employees with clear guidelines on what to post and what to avoid. The appropriate application of the rules on copyright and privacy are fundamental in the training of your people.

2. Secure your company’s accounts

A big portion of the problems you may face, happens when your account gets hacked. Social media breaches have been on the rise since companies began employing special teams to deal with them. The more people have access to your accounts, the higher the chance of a security violation. Our advice is that you shouldn’t grant full access to all the members of your team. In any case, you should at least be in control of everyone’s level of access. Not granting full admin rights, or using a centralized system like Hootsuite, are some of your options. The perks of using Hootsuite include, but are not limited to, controlling user permissions, which is why it’s the favorite of social media agencies.

3. Define what counts as a crisis

It would not be an understatement to call the online world as “mean”. So, when you decide to get into it, you need to brace yourself for a lot of curve balls. The “cancel” culture is a thing now. Every now and then, people are going to say rude things about your brand. Some posts may even be pure lies. uploaded by people affiliated with your competition. A mean tweet or two doesn’t constitute a crisis. If and when an outcry gains strength, then is the time to start worrying and activate the resolution mode.

4. Create a crisis flowchart

Depending on how acute is the situation, the involvement of a senior manager may be needed. Assigning response teams and designing a flowchart in advance, will help you use the correct person for each different scenario.

5. Get help from a professional service

If all these steps sound complicated, don’t worry. Professional content management companies such as Rangval Services will save your carefully crafted reputation, from chipping away in minutes over a social media crisis. It’s strongly advised to get in touch with our experts now, before you find yourself in the middle of one!

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