Coronavirus has been a hard-to-digest situation. It is not only because of how contagious it is but also due to all the measures we have been applying worldwide to contain it while we wait for scientists to develop a cure. Quarantines, suspended flights, and even walks in the park, businesses closed. It is something we were not prepared to face and we are learning ‘live’ through the process.

    Instead, for marketing and advertising, COVID-19 opened a new window and many businesses have found different ways to improve their selling strategies. Regardless you have a brand or not, you have seen many ads about deliveries, promotions, and new and innovative concepts. World changes, consumers change, and, of course, the selling strategies adapt quickly to keep fighting in this endless battle.

     For anyone running a company nowadays, digital marketing is a must and a tool that will boost your selling. This has to do with all the info of your brand provided via digital channels, including social networks, news online sites, blogs, etc. The virus itself forced many people to start running this digital marketing as quarantines changed the way we live and see things. Now, brands are changing as well as how the messages are given and the way we do that because the consumers already changed. Clients are more cautious now, looking something safe and this is where we have to act.


    In this sense, we created a small list of suggestions you should accomplish to boost your sells during this pandemic:


    1. Analyse your goals and create social networks for your brand: Take a look at what you want to do with your business. If you need visual content because you have a restaurant, a sports store, or something related to entertainment, you need something visual with pictures and videos, so Instagram is a great tool for this purpose. If you are looking for a wider population for market products, laundry services, car pieces, Facebook is a better tool as this is the biggest social network and you can find people from all ages there. Some other social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn are very popular to raise awareness and have better contact with your clients.
    2. Make sure that your profile is complete: You need to include all your contact telephone numbers, different social networks, working hours, address, and, most important, the service you are offering!
    3. Call to action: Don’t just show your product, invite people to buy it! Short phrases with your objective will help more than you think. “Don’t waste more time and ask yours”, “Place your order now”, “Send a gift to your beloved one” are just a few or hundreds of phrases you can use to invite customers to buy your product.
    4. Check the needs of your customers: People wants safety during this quarantine, so offer delivery and pick-up services, show them how well prepared and safe are your employees and products.
    5. Stand out in front of your competition: Create promotions, discounts, packages with different products, give a bonus if a client purchases a specific product. This way you can engage and create an affinity between the people and your product.
    6. Talk about your history: People like to know the origins. Make posts explaining how you and your product started, how long have they been on the market, how this helps others. People want to see new things and identify themselves with a brand.
    7. Diversify your payment methods: Include new options so people can buy from home. Allow bank transfers, quick transfers, cash through your delivery.
    8. Clear your clients’ doubts: Use different messaging services such as WhatsApp or Telegram to help customers understand your product and clear their doubts. You can send your complete inventory with a simple message or detailed pictures of your product in case someone wants more details about it.
    9. If your product is not clearly necessary now because of the COVID-19, focus on how important it will be once this situation is over. Once everything is back to normal, people can use new clothes, bags, or whatever you have to offer!


    Put these tips into practice and your sales will improve in no-time. Your business started with a consumers’ need and this hasn’t changed. See your objective and compare it with your clients’ needs, adapt, innovate, and boost your brand! If you want to learn more information about how to improve your business, contact our contact our professional content management team at Rangval Services.

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