Creating a “unique” content is the most important issue for both content writers and everyone working an online market. There is a myriad of writers out there and creating original ideas becomes a cut-throat competition, as the key factor for success is to present a package that the competitors do not have.

It cannot, of course, be avoided that there will be some similarities with the topics but being unique means that your approach on the same subject is different and independent from what your visitor will see on other sites of your industry. It must be catchy, simple and enlightening. Here are some tips to follow:

The golden rule: “Sweet and simple”:

Unless you have people like Verne, Dostoyevsky or Twain writing text for you (i.e. writers that can keep the reader stuck to the text from the first letter to the last period and then come back for seconds), long texts are boring no matter how well they are presented. Your visitors lose their interest for the page and consequently to what you offer. Furthermore, the longer the text, the harder it is to keep it coherent and within the subject matter.
Always keep your content as short as possible, to the point and adherent to the proper syntax and grammar (headers, sub-headers, complete sentences, appropriate paragraphs, etc…). Keep in mind that correct text layouts award you points for SEO.


Content writing mostly depends on factual precision and brainstorm. Anyone can do the research for the topic you want to address. Therefore, generating new and original ideas is the most crucial step. Being open minded and expanding your point of view are the assets to use when you brainstorm. Above all else: Trust your ideas!

Keep your content orderly:
This is actually a three-part recipe:

  • Planning

Let’s assume that an idea popped into your mind. First you need to note it down and then you need to look for the elements required for it to be brought to fruition. Add those elements to your notepad and then give the total to your writer to expand on each point.

  • Outlining

After planning you need to work with your writer to produce a skeleton of your text. That’s called outlining. It will give you what you need to keep the content simple and effective. The most decisive asset here is to keep in mind that there is a limited time span available for you and your writer to catch your audience’s attention.

  • Introducing

An introduction explains the main idea of the content. So, it must contain keywords related to the content. Just like for all of your content, the same rule applies: keep it simple and effective. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  1. State the main idea
  2. Ask questions
  3. Provide your own personal thoughts on the subject

Don’t forget who you are addressing:

Every piece of content should be primed to address a specific portion of your visitors.  In web-building language this is called the “target audience”. Regardless of the method of presentation (video, audio, text, other media) you need to define:

  1. Who you want to address
  2. What are their needs
  3. What do they expect

The correct answers to the above questions will provide inspiration for your writer.

Add media:

When Tolstoy wrote “War and Peace” or “Anna Karenina” all people saw where white sheets of paper with ink. And yet those simple presentations were dubbed as “masterpieces”. Just imagine what would the effect of those same pieces be, if there were images or other media included in the bundle you will use to attract your audience. The digital era gives you the chance to create exactly that: a masterpiece that combines text, video and sound. Again, media count for a lot in SEO.


Do you want to stand out amongst your competition? Do you want your audience to be so captivated by your content that they would want to come back for seconds as aforementioned? The answer is simple and plain: create unique content and present it properly. That’s all there is to it.

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