This topic can be seen as a piece of valuable advice to help companies or brands boost their digital marketing strategy and promote a unique customer experience.

It is very important for customers to have a unique and differentiating experience, and most brands today have already understood this. They more and more want to get involved by providing a unique experience that reflects the image of their business.

There are so many examples. Indeed, companies want to take a whole new turn in their communication and customer experience. With this initiative, it enables their customers or clients to consume better. It also allows the brand to position itself as a responsible and customer-oriented company, offering the latter a personalized experience through a relevant digital marketing strategy.

What marketing tools do brands/Companies have to offer a unique and personalized experience to their customers/clients? Here is one marketing idea that can inspire.


Taking care of your online reputation and engaging with your customers/clients via online reviews

It is important to analyze the feedback you receive and respond to those feedbacks or comments. This is because online reviews, good or bad, are public and visible to all, and this also applies to your responses or lack of response. By answering them, you show your availability, your proximity, your interest, but also your desire to be close to your customers/clients. You will also keep a level of reliable information visible to all and this will allow you to ensure the accuracy of your public data.

Analyzing this customer’s feedback and taking these comments into account is essential and permits to better-shaped the customer experience and adjust certain parameters, if necessary. Tools exist to allow you to easily manage online reputation from a single platform and provide the opportunity to respond appropriately by the teams in charge. Rangval can assist you in choosing one of those solutions.

You can also attract new customers with specific content each time they search something related to your field of business. In fact, by publishing images, news and promotional offers specific to your company, you get a unique and effective brand communication that reflects your company.

These online reviews could, therefore, have a lot more influence on the results of your business more than what you think. For sure, being subjected to criticism can be quite daunting at first glance. However, keep in mind that consumers/clients leave much more positive than negative reviews, 49%, and 34% respectively!

Managed efficiently, comments can positively impact your online reputation and therefore your business results. To conclude, a proactive approach to reviews, therefore, allows you to better control your brand’s/ Company’s reputation.

Nowadays, clients are overexposed and constantly needed by brands/companies. It is therefore quite normal that they become more and more demanding about the quality of the advertisements that can appeal to them. Personalizing the customer experience is therefore a good way to hold their attention and focus your efforts on your core target.

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