Why creating content on your blog outside its niche is a good idea?

They say that in the blogging business there is a golden rule which guarantees success: find a niche and bingo!

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While it is true that selecting a niche that you are good at knowledge-wise and fits your writing skills is a powerful tool at the beginning, it is not the only tool that you have at your disposal. According to Larry Kim, founding father of WordStream, this concept of “niche” might stagnate bloggers and to write about something different on your blog, may be exactly what you need in order for people to notice you.

Properly used, blogging could be a great tool when it comes to creating your own personal brand and increasing the visibility of your society. By properly, we mean that you should acquire expertise to matters directly linked to your niche and become known as an authority on your subject. People must find your information useful, providing solutions and above all, verifiable by independent sources. These are enough to get you very high on Google rankings initially.

The problem is that it is ONLY initially. As the saying goes “it is harder to remain on top than reach the top”. You may be upgrading your writing style all the time, going deeper and deeper into the nuances of your niche and people may come to know you as an industry leader. However, there will come a point when you will have expanded all the topics related to your niche. At that point, you will either have to see your rankings go down or find a solution. And that solution comes out of including topics in your blog with content outside your original niche.

Why should you do it?

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First of all let me emphasize that you should not be afraid to explore new avenues. It is very rare that anyone can be good at only one thing. It could also become a reason to accumulate even more knowledge for yourself. Here are your benefits:

1. Writing about new topics will allow you to meet and connect with new people.

When you see the traffic on your blog drop, there can be two reasons. The first one is that you have expanded your topic and people got tired. The second one is that what you write may not be as good as you think, especially if the drop occurs early enough and you feel you still have to write a lot about your niche.

If the former is the reason for the decline then it is time that you addressed new audiences and new people. Even the best of authors do that from time to time. Writing about new things is a way to both attract new readers into your society and revive the interest of the old ones.

If the latter is the reason then you need to increase your writing skills which is a subject addressed separately.

2. You will get people involved and get mastery in more fields.
Regardless of your writing skills, there are so many blogs out there that people may have grown tired of just sitting and reading. Many of them do not just want to comment. They want to participate. Including more topics will get more people to read. So if your topics are not just authoritative but asking for the input of your readers you will not only have expanded your audience but you will have gotten them to give you some of their knowledge to add to yours.
3. You will extend your writing skills.

Your niche is something you know. So what you write comes from what you already know. And what you already know comes from what your have already learned. So in essence what you write is an extension of the writing styles of those that taught you mixed with your own.

When you do not have intimate knowledge on a subject you will have to do research. You will get yourself again involved into the same learning process that cultivated your niche. And in the same way, you will expand your writing style to include the new lessons.

The more you write, the more you understand. The more you understand things yourself, the easier it becomes to express what you want to say. And in turn, the easier it will become for people to understand you.

4. You will not give up.
Maybe this is the most important reason of them all. Many people abandon their blogs when they see their traffic drop. Writing about new things first of all keeps up your own interest in writing. And when you see the response from your readers you will feel that same excitement you felt when you got your very first visitor when you started. And that is priceless.

A word of caution

As in everything you will have to be aware of some downsides:

  • Do not overextend. If your niche is knitting you cannot start writing about nuclear physics suddenly. No one is going to take you seriously. Start the process incrementally. For example if your niche is sports at some point you will have to include sports technology then the underlying principles of technology, then the theoretical extensions then higher matters of science.
  • Do not forget your initial niche. Writing about new things is exciting. It can get so exciting that people may forget what your own initial niche was all about!
  • Do not mix the contents. A different topic should not be in the same list as the topics of your own niche. You cannot speak about the nuances of an Einstein-Rosen bridge or the Alcubierre drive under a posting about the new leather design of a football and how it responds to a player’s kick!


Writing about topics outside your blog’s niche would force you to become a better blogger and offer your readers a unique and diverse content. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Especially you.

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