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Everyday, hundreds of people in Moldova are dealing with financial and material difficulties. Unfortunately, the low life level in the country is influencing the lifestyle of the citizens. The food, the clothes and all the strict necessary things are missing from the houses of many.

Finding out about Valeria-Georgiana’s story, we were deeply impressed by the sacrifice done by the parents and their modesty. The girl’s problem is serious, but almost solved. She has been diagnosticated with congenital heart defects (common atrioventricular canal and 3 holes in the heart), from which 2 were surgically treated in Turkey and in Chisinau. The doctors refused to operate the 3rd hole, reasoning that the chance for the girl to survive the operation was too low.

Now, Valeria-Georgiana has 6 months to recover and become stronger. An evaluation of her health will be done after 6 months and the doctors will decide if surgery is urgent for the 3rd hole. Unfortunately, the girl does not have much appetite. But she is energic, joyful and optimistic.

On 13th April, we visited and brought them toys, clothes and food. The happiness was visible on their faces and they were thanking us constantly. It was a small gesture, but we are glad to make a family happy with the occasion of the upcoming Easter.

Donation for the famili in Calarasi Moldova
Easter donantion in Calarasi

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