Charity for homeless dogs

Caritate pentru azilul ”Cățelus” - Casa Katharina

Shelter for homeless dogs ”Cățelus” is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 by the German Animal Welfare Federation Casa Katharina, which is the sponsor of this project. Currently, this facility takes care of approximately 400 dogs that are saved and maintained thanks to foreign donations.

Caritate pentru azilul ”Cățelus” - Casa Katharina

About 400 dogs have found a shelter in Ciobanovca, Anenii Noi. The shelter is situated on a former farm that has been remade to meet European standards for breeding dogs. Dogs from all the parts of the Republic’s center, including Chisinau, are brought to this facility.
Recently, Rangval team visited the Animal shelter Cățeluș ” Casa Katharina”. Together we organized an act of charity for the animals from this shelter. We are aware of helpless and homeless animals.

Caritate pentru azilul ”Cățelus” - Casa Katharina

We respect people’s work in this asylum, also their patience and devotion to these animals. Unfortunately, in the Republic of Moldova, there are few shelters and even less donating people.
Can you imagine if each of us would contribute to it? Everyone’s help counts, we urge you not to be indifferent.
Mister Ion Gnilenco – the president of the association claims that the supply for dogs, also other expenses, are covered by private donors from the Republic of Moldova and Germany.
Also within the shelter, there is a medical center for dogs, where our four-pet friends benefit from adequate health care.
The project initiators hope to be able to identify new sources of funding soon to increase the number of dogs, but also to build a new shelter.

Let’s be better!

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