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Recentlly Rangval team presented the esence and importance of chatbots in business, but also their system of working. More and more companies replace customer support department with Chatbots. Apparently it turned to be a great choice for most of them. Facebook Messenger is the first and most important messanging app that can host a chatbot, otherwise being widely used worldwide. This is why, as it follows, we will try to analyse the utility of some Chatbots that are incorporated in the Messenger of some companies from Republic of Moldova, but also some from abroad.

Companies that use Messanger Chatbots

Regardless the field on which the companies work in, the performances of chatbots are steadily increasing. Even though they are not based on artificial inteligence (as Cleverbot, Alice, Siri or Google Assistant are), Messenger chatbots have proved that they are intelligent enough to understand and to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Hereunder you have listed the most outsanding international Messanger Chatbots:
Kayak – Search and reserve flights or hotel rooms
Skyscanner – Search and reserve flights or hotel rooms
Tommy Hilfiger – It helps you to shop, it shows you related-to-your-interests clothes
Burberry – It helps you to shop, it shows you related-to-your-interests clothes
Johnnie Walker – It assists you with any kind of questions related Johnnie Walker products.
TransferWise – It helps you to transfer money fast and secure
Domino s Pizza – Order your favourite pizza in just few clicks.
Pizza Hut – Order your favourite pizza in just few clicks.
Wingstop – The easiest way of ordering chicken wings.

Experiments made on international Chatbots

In order to convince ourselves of the utility mentioned above we have made few experiments. Here are the results:

  1. Johnnie WalkerAs it is a company that is producing alcoholic beverages, specifically whisky, their Chatbot doesn’t offer any information for those under 21 years old. As soon as you confirm that you are over 21 years, you can inform yourself about types of whisky, how is it produced, prices and any other information you would need.
    Advantages: The provided information is short, clear and very user-friendly
    Disadvantages: Even though it was coded to be careful with minors, everyone can easily write a fake birthdate or to reset the discussion so that they would get the chance to order alchoolic products.

John Walker
2. Skyscanner
As you probably guessed, Skyscanner bot implies all qualities of a flight and accomodation search engine.
They offer you questions with a fixed answer so that you’ll be guided to the desired result.

Advantage: It is built meticulous enough in order to offer you exact what you’re looking for, or if you are not looking for nothing specific, they can offer you random destinations if you type ”Anywhere” at the question ”Where are you planning to travel?”.
Disadvantage: If you abstain to reply to the options it offers you you risk not to be answered properly.


3. Dom Bot (Domino Pizza)
By using Dom Bot you have the possibility to order pizza in just few steps. Even though, their services are available in USA only. If you try to order something outside of the counts, same as we did, you would be simply ignored, unless you accept their rules.

Advantage: It was coded to offer multiple replies, accoridng to the way the conversation runs.
Disadvantage: If you are not specific enough, or if the bot doesn’t recognize your reply, you’ll be asked over and over again the same questions countless times, until it will understand what you speak about. Moreover, DomBot is not coded to inform customers about the possibility or impossibility of ordering pizza depending on location.

Domino pizza gif

Experiments based on chatbots from Republic of Moldova

Considering the fact that talkbots are considered to be a huge business trend of 2018, they are not missed neither in Moldova. As it follows we will try to show you how 3 chatbots from Moldova are working.

  1. Mobvaro-M
    Mobvaro M offers a chatbot that was coded to keep the customer busy while a human operator takes over the conversation.
    Advantage: It is the only national chatbot that reacts at ”Thank you”. Moerover, its purpose isn’t to replace customer support department but to intermediate it.
    Didadvantage: It doesn’t react unless you choose from the available options. You don’t have to invent a personalized reply if you want to be helped.

Mobvaro gif

2. IKEA – Livrare în Moldova. 
This company delivers to Moldova IKEA products and uses a chatbot that offer you all relevant information regarding their services.

Advantage: It offers the opportunity of speaking in Romanian and Russian as well.
Disadvantage: Considering the fact that is was poor coded (only few available replies), this chatbot replies you with a lot of text, which is not recommended to a customer support service. The same info can be found on their webpage.
IKEA Moldova

3. Mixbook Moldova

In March 2017, IT company Mixbook Moldova created the first chatbot whose purpose was to hire people. It was created with the aim to make more efficient the process of hiring people in company.

Advantage: It is coded with a lot of replies, so you can have a long and relevant talk with it. Moreover, it is a new-how project in the whole country, which makes it easier for people to get a job.
Disadvantage: If you choose to use it with the purpose of informing yourself about the company, the replies can be too long.

Mixbook moldova


To sum up, we should all agree with the biggest advantage of a chatbot – promptitude. This is a great quality of a great customer support agent. On the other hand, we can’t neglect the biggest disadvantage a chatbot has according to the above-shown experiments – dimness. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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