Using online profiles of companies or staff to generate links – a difficult topic

Optimizarea profilurilor de socializare - echipa Rangval

Some people think it is spam or deceptive, especially when someone creates profiles for the sole purpose of getting links.

However, even if there are shadow marketing out there that intends to twist the profile goal, it does not mean you cannot do it in a genuine way.

You may have real profiles that share your information, background and achievements, and use it for more than just how people can find you online.

Having online profiles on major social networks and sites, your basic visit is not only important for online visibility but it can help you grow your network, which can lead organically to more inbound links for your content.

Below are some of the best ways the Rangval team has found to use profiles to get quality links.

1. Cover with an executive profile for a better response rate

Connections made with a real person get more involved and give more confidence than the same activities done with a company profile.

Many online users have learned to ignore messages and requests from brands on social sites simply because there are too many companies trying to make users buy their products or share their content.

Personal connections continue to count. You may use the network building as a way to share the content on an individualized basis, but it takes some effort to develop the relationship first.

Some digital marketing teams connect to executive personal profiles to add friends or connections, or to track existing contacts to help build relationships. This helps directors get to know others in the industry, which can lead to a mutual relationship of sharing and promoting the content of the other.

2. Forum profiles can be used to build relationships with high-tech people

Most people are on basic social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. But there are several niche networks and forums that are commonly used by those who are deeply involved in a particular industry.

Try to find these communities online and get more involved. You will find that often there are more depths of questions and discussions, leading to many good opportunities to build trust and attract others interested in your content (provided it is useful for the discussion at hand).

Some sites to review include Reddit, which has thousands of “subheadings” or discussion boards based on a particular topic, and Github, which is a hosting portfolio and an online community for developers and developers.

Because these are highly technical forums, it does not make sense to enter and start the talk about spam with your links.

Try to integrate with the community by answering questions, getting involved, completing your profile and staying active before trying to share your own content.

When distributing your content, make sure it is actually useful to other users. Otherwise, you might consider yourself ostracized because you tried to sell the conversation.

3. Use LinkedIn to share your content with the right people

Distribuie conținutul pe site-uri de socializare

When possible, ask your directors to get involved in your online activity or set up a sharing program (with their permission) to share content regularly on their own social media profiles.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for this because executives can have their own profiles and share the content as needed.

4. Promote your content with Facebook Ads to drive traffic, actions, and links

Promovarea site-urilor prin Facebook Ads

In essence, with the right targeting and even $ 50, you can get your content in front of the right people on Facebook.

As your ad gains greater visibility, you’ll see a trend in natural links as well, as users who see the ad share the content with their own networks. This helps it grow organically, making your ad budgets stretch much further.


Getting shares and links for your content using online profiles and personal outreach certainly isn’t the fastest way to build links, but it is one of the most genuine and usually has the greatest long-term impact.

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