Adaugă-ți trafic împreună cu echipa Rangval

While businesses spend all their time and money in Google and Facebook, they ignore one of the least used platforms, that is called Pinterest.

The site that is believed to show only receipts, DIY stuff, interesting images, is already one of the most effective marketing platforms today.

Consider 3 Pinterest key strategies that will help you get cleaner and much larger traffic. And it does not matter which niche or industry you represent.
1. When you create a blog or business, what is the first thing you have to do?

Analyze who is your target audience. Before making a Pinterest account ask yourself the same question.

One of the common mistakes people make on Pinterest is that they do not adapt their profile and content to the target audience. If you want great results on Pinterest, then you will need to create a special account designed to attract the right people.

This is how to do:

First of all, specify your field. After, you shall make 3 steps:

  • to write a short biography giving the clients the opportunity to express themselves

We propose you a fixed formula you can use: I help (who do you help?)/make/become/learn (how can you help?).

  • add a friendly photo or logo

In this case, natural light and a nice smile would make the profile picture good to be posted. You do not need a professional equipment because all you need is sun and a mobile phone.

  • add keywords to your profile name

By doing so, your profile has a greater chance of being found by one of your keywords on Pinterest or even Google. For example, I create content for entrepreneurs and bloggers, so my name on Pinterest will be “Maria Banaruc | Entrepreneur + Blogging Tips”.

Here’s another example:

Exemplu de profil

2. Adding SEO to your Pinterest

Once you’ve created your profile on Pinterest, it’s time to do your SEO Pinterest. Many of us confuse Pinterest with social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But Pinterest is far from it. It is considered a search engine like Google.

If it is a search engine, then Pinterest needs to be optimized. Pinterest uses an algorithm to classify pins in an order that will be most relevant to its users. Think of it in this way: if you connect to Pinterest and your feed will be bumped by pins that do not belong to your interests, what will happen then? Obviously, you will not use it more.

And if people no longer use Pinterest, then Pinterest loses money, users, investors and, ultimately, their entire brand. So it’s in their best interest to use algorithms that show the content they know you will love.

What does it mean to you? You must be assured that Pinterest classifies the content in your feed and preferably it is displayed mostly on the top of searching.

3.  Create panels that will interest the target audience

Pin-uri pe Pinterest

Panels are the same categories that structure the pictures. We recommend you delete any panel that does not belong to your business or blog. If you are from a narrower field, many followers will be interested in it. Also, each pin should be described in 2-3 keywords.

Note: Everytime you post a blog post, add it as a pin in Pinterest!

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