Coronavirus (COVID-19) entered our lives as an infectious disease caused by a new virus that has not previously been identified in humans. I say it has “entered” our lives because everyone who has infected with this virus or not has actually been affected by coronavirus.

The coronavirus, which creates a serious panic atmosphere around the world, has managed to advance beyond the measures taken with its rapid spread in a short time. It suddenly turned the economies, exchanges, business world and power balances of countries upside down, affected the whole world in a short time, although it is not the most dangerous and deadly disease seen in human history. While experts and scientists make new statements about coronavirus every day, the number of people affected by the disease is increasing exponentially in many countries. There are many theories on how this virus submerged and taken over our world but we are not experts to comment on this subject. Before we get into deep, you can also check our blog and read the other articles to help grow your business.

We can move to the part that we understand a little bit. So, is a new era coming? The coronavirus may open a new era in the world, yes, it is impossible not to see it. Even getting rid of this virus completely doesn’t mean everything will get back to the way they were before. This virus may have spread around the world either by a secret hand or from animals to humans. At this point, the results concern us more. The coronavirus has unintentionally initiated a new era of change by directing people to digital media and online way of working much higher than normal (after coronavirus) in a very short time.

Many companies have prepared an environment where their staff can work from their homes, meetings are held in completely digital environments, shopping is done over the internet, all needs from basic to banking transactions can be met online. Yes, these transactions were already done on the internet, and there is only one difference now that the usage rates have increased hundreds of times, that is, digitalization, which has increased at a certain level, has almost reached its maximum point. So, what will be the consequences of this rapid digitalization?

In a short time, there may be serious changes in some business lines. Especially in this process, the fact that people adapt to online transactions faster will affect many sectors. The need for workforce to be born in a digitalized environment can also create a different field of work.

Of course, it comes in different major changes. It is very difficult to predict the results, but patent applications made by world giant companies in the last two months show that there will be big changes. Smart chip that detects diseases that can be placed in the human body, digital money with its history in circulation, digital integrated that detects the disease in the human body and notifies the center, and much more…

I think that if this panic environment persists and the spread of the disease accelerates, many people will be warm about the idea of chipping yourself. And afterwards? We’ll wait and see but, why not use this knowledge for your sake and start a step ahead? Check our online management services and be one of those who leads this new era.

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