Have you ever heard about SEO? I bet you did. SEO is the practice of optimizing the content of your website to get more traffic in your website via better ranking on search engines, but do you know where all started? That is what you will start to see today, in a three-part article, going from its origins along with the rise of the search engines to the modern times, and today, we are going to the 90’s!

The Raging 90’s

Ah, the 90’s, so many childhood memories. During this time, the internet was just becoming more popular, people were connecting more, and the increasing demand for efficient ways of finding information gave rise to the popularity of search engines was the quality of that information.

The first search engines where very limited, simply matching the words tipped by the users to the ones used in the websites, and widely left unchecked, which, of course, led to abuse. A great number of site owners started to use keyword stuffing (repeating the keywords over and over again in the text) to improve their rankings, drive traffic to their pages and produce attractive numbers to show potential advertisers, and there, was also a lot of collusion happening, with people using spanning backlinks to improve their authority.

There were no ranking criteria at the time and, by the time that engines fixed their algorithms, new black hat SEO practices were added to the mess.

Then, In 1998, Page and Brin, the creators of Google, published “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine,” where they first mentioned PageRank, the technology used by Google to rank search results based on quality, and not keywords alone. Many say that this thesis cleared the path for SEO as we know it today.

Next time, we will go to the turn of the millennium, the great 200’s, when keyword stuffing became less common, domain names were no longer keyword intensive, and links became the most important part of SEO content writing. As always, we recommend you to consult us if you want a team of professionals in your project and SEO management to avoid problems and make your life a lot easier.

See you next time!

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