Companies often forget about the importance of a good customer service and sometimes deprioritize it, to cut down on the cost. Yet it is one of the most important elements for the growth of a business today. Consumers are very volatile if they are not satisfied, nowadays, and will go to a competitor directly if they offer a better customer experience.

In all business administration classes it is taught that the center of the strategy of any business is the customer. They are the reason for being and the main source of income, therefore, their satisfaction should be the focus of every single department and every single stage of their journey through the services provided. It is the action that will allow a company to build long-term loyalty and, by extension, sustainability.

Here are some tips you can follow to put in place a quality customer service for your business.

  • Establish a system where the client is your main focus. 

To successfully implement quality customer service, there is actually no secret: you must put your customer at the heart of the business and in everything you do. This is why Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said “If we can keep our competitors focused on us while we stay focused on the customer, definitely, we’ll always be ahead,”

Provide your customers with the best possible experience before, during and after any and all interactions (sales, aftersales, issue resolution). Don’t focus on selling your products or services. The emphasis should be on the customer and their issues, and how you can help resolve them. This implies that each time you make a decision, you need to take into account the consequences to your customers.

This strategy will actually allow you to:

  1. keep your customers long-term
  2. become an added value for them
  3. show the difference from your competitors
  • Have a team that knows the company and its values well enough to meet and anticipate customer needs

Your Customer Service is in direct contact with customers when they have complaints/issues/misunderstandings. It is therefore important that your Customer Service Team has good knowledge of your company, its values, along with your products or services.

Train your team on customer service skills. This is a strategy that you’ll develop over time and it will take you over your competition! Your efficiency and attention to detail will make your customers recommend you to those around them.


  • Clients do not want to wait more than a certain number of hours for a response to an email, chat or a post on Facebook depending on the issue at hand. You need to identify which of these are really urgent and which can be resolved at a later time. In any case you will need to respond immediately and advise your client on when they can expect a resolution.
  • Clients believe that human advice/assistance is essential in the relationship with the Company. They get angry when they are faced with an automatic answering process which is proven to be ineffective.
  • Always take all of their remarks into account to improve your processes.
  • Ask for customer feedback and listen to what they have to say

What could be more relevant than customer feedback to improve the way you work? Always consider the opinions of your clients, it is information that is worth its weight in gold. It will allow you to improve your customer support and keep them satisfied!

Also think of setting up questionnaires for the level of satisfaction. They will allow you to better evaluate your customers’ interaction with your business, what they like, what can be improved, what new service or product needs to be added.

  • Be present on different social media

It’s a hard fact: consumers are on every available social media network and expect to be able to contact your business through different means such as website forms, instant chats and social media. Many companies use the social media networks as tools for handling complaints, so they can become a useful tool to manage customer service in an instant and transparent way.

Another advantage is that social networks can be used by the marketing department as a monitoring station to obtain feedback:

  • Are my products/services reliable?
  • What are the main problems that users face when they chose us?
  • Is my customer service responsive/satisfactory?
  • What blog posts or tutorial videos should I create to improve the client’s experience?

The answers will allow you to improve your offers, create content that responds better to their issues and thus provide an experience that your customers can carry along down the line.

  • Responsiveness to your customers’ requests will make all the difference

Another part that is not to be neglected is to be responsive to your customers’ requests. Clients grow more and more impatient and want their problem resolved as quickly as possible. They are even more demanding when it comes to digital response time (instant messengers, chat bots and other similar communication platforms) and would like to have a reply, as the saying goes, yesterday.  An effective way to improve your customer service? Setup a system where you’ll always have someone assisting the client when needed.

  • Improve communication within the Team by involving everybody

Satisfied or dissatisfied clients concern the whole company. So, all your departments (marketing, customer support, accounting, etc…) must become involved into offering a quality client experience. Share the results achieved with a client, or important company information, with all your teams so that everyone feels as an integral part of the effort.

  • Set up a CRM

The part of the service that really makes the difference is the follow up. When an issue has been resolved or a transaction completed, you need to get in touch with the client and make sure that everything went well. The ideal tool to use for this purpose is a CRM. If has been specifically designed for generating personalized and automated emails to subsequently retain your customers.
You don’t know how to choose the best CRM for your business? Don’t panic, at Rangval, we can provide you the best advice over this. After all, you’ve got the point: Customer experience is essential for your business. This is not just a long-term strategy. It is the strategy that will bring an added value to your customers and one that you will always need to revise and upgrade. If you need further information on how to implement all these points, you can contact us and we’ll guide you.


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