We are back again with 5 more core values that will help you get the satisfactory results you want for your business, and help you avoid stagnation and drops in performance. So here we go, 5 more focus points in digital marketing to get your strategy on point:

  1. Responsive websites

Nowadays, the vast majority of people browse the internet using smartphones, and thus, it is easy to conclude something: having websites optimized to run perfectly on mobile devices is one of the fundamental aspects of Digital Marketing.

Otherwise, there may be almost immediately rejected by the visitor, or, in a less pessimistic scenario, leave a negative impact on public engagement. Therefore, the construction of all pages must be done based on the concept of responsiveness.

Today, this is something absolutely fundamental, however,  it is common for companies not to carry out a more in-depth and continuous study to understand whether their pages are 100% adequate in mobile or not. New features may affect the browsing experience on smartphones or tablets without ever being detected. Ideally, we need to maintain a checking and testing routine to ensure the responsiveness of our websites.

  1. Mobile First Index

Still on the subject of the impact of mobile devices on Digital Marketing, one of the most important points that have become a priority in strategic planning since 2016 is the Mobile-First Index. However, not everyone was able to adapt, and the consequence is the drop in rankings, low traffic, and several other problems.

This is a simple Idea: The indexing of the sites is done primarily from its mobile version. This means two things, that it is practically impossible to be relevant and stand out on the web today without a site optimized for mobile, and it is essential to carry out tests and make constant improvements for increasingly mobile-friendly content.

If your content is not suitable for mobile, you need to start working right now in reviewing and adapting all your content, because that detail will weigh heavily on your results.

  1. Content optimization

Optimizing is another one of the fundamental aspects of Digital Marketing, but one of the main problems is that not all professionals are able to realize that improvements should be a rule and not something occasional. Seeking optimizations only when you have poor results is a bad choice and will make your strategy have an irregular performance.

Every strategy must be developed with constant optimization routines in mind. If have not done this yet, there is a way to recover part of that lost time and make a real checklist of improvements, and adjustments.

Both sites and web content should always be optimized, but if you have ever left this practice aside, the best thing to do is guarantee points such as:

  • responsive websites;
  • responsive content;
  • everything is mobile-friendly;
  • digital accessibility;
  • content fully adapted to SEO rules;
  • security for websites;
  • quality and copyright content;
  • UX parameters.
  1. Content Marketing

A Content Marketing strategy is indispensable, regardless of the sector your business belongs to. The Inbound proposal is able to attract prospects and get a good volume of leads that, if properly nourished, can become recurring customers and willing to generate more conversions with each action of the company.

The big question is: how has your Marketing team been conducting content strategy?

Good planning within an editorial calendar and respecting an attraction funnel are essential. It’s important to talk to consumers at each decision stage, that is, to produce content that includes all of them. The best thing to do is to rethink your current strategy based on the idea of how interesting it is to the public.

  1. Content strategy based on search intentions

Speaking of content, it is also important to make sure it is always thought from the perspective of the public. For example, if the business in question is a producer of vegan food and items, it is easy to understand what the persona expects. They may have questions about food nutrients, protein options, etc.

It is necessary to think like this audience, research their doubts and interests, and then generate content aligned with these points. When this work is done well, the chances of engagement with the posts and materials naturally grow, since the strategy has been delivering responses to the persona and offering enriching and valuable content, knowing the persona in depth is essential to be aligned with it when planning the strategy.


Each of these 5 tips presented to you today will help you improve your marketing strategy.

It is essential to think about improving, going to another stage in the search for success, but one should never fail to give total focus to the core aspects of your strategy. If you ensure even greater results in your strategy, and if you ensure even greater results in your strategy, make sure to contact our professional content management team.

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