Having a successful website is tied not only to great content and a good SEO strategy. If you are not reaching as much audience as you need despite developing a perfect site in the aforementioned aspects, then your business may not be getting the real benefits of being online. Let’s see why a multi-language site may be what you are lacking of.

Multi-language websites and their benefits for your business

Turning your website into a multilingual venture is not an easy task. It requires time, dedication, and an expert language base to start building it. Of course, the more languages you want to include in your site in, the more time and effort you’ll need to spend. Also, something important to consider is the level of technicality of your content; in any case, you will need native speakers and/or specialists in certain areas of knowledge in order to succeed in this task. In Rangval, we have advised you of some translation mistakes to avoid when using translation tools, however, let’s learn how it can benefit your online strategy.

When we think about looking for information on the internet, we know that most of the results will be in English; however, we can’t expect all the information online to be on this single language. Besides English, you may find Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian, among the most influential ones, the internet is not quite different than the world we live in.

In this regard, you shouldn’t even doubt about building a multiple-language site. The question that you may be coming up with now, is: How can this effort bring benefits to my online business? We will hereby list 4 reasons why you need to consider it:

  1. Broaden your scope: we consider this as the main and most important benefit; with a multilingual site your audience can be doubled or tripled in record time. The figures on reach may vary depending on the languages you select, but this will definitely help you reach more potential customers.
  2. Build trust and appreciation: It is a confirmed fact that the use of multiple languages will help you gain reputation, establish trust and build credibility with your audience and come on top of your competition. Dedicating time to translate your site and offer your content in people’s native languages is a way to acknowledge their value to you. This is a gesture that they would appreciate and would want to reward.
  3. Enhance your business image: having a multilingual site implies that you run a business of global reach; that’s an instant brand booster which you need in order to improve your marketing strategies.
  4. Geo-targeted searches: with a multi-language site, you can do two things; 1) boost local searches for people in locations different than where your headquarters are; 2) understand different cultures and adjust your products/marketing strategies to better fit your customers’ needs, thus increasing your income.

Building a multilingual site may sound complicated and quite time-consuming. However, its benefits are undeniable and not to be rejected. They make any hardship worthy, and once you start gaining more traffic and consequently more conversions, your site will be taken to the next level without a doubt. You should always keep that in mind and, if you feel you cannot handle this on your own, our best translation services are always at your disposal!

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