Optimize your Google traffic? 10 things you can do quickly!

The point of setting up a business site is to attract customers to convert. It’s not enough to simply create a site. You need to take steps to make sure that all your potential clientele is able to access it. And the best way to do that is to configure your site so that the search engines like Google will present your store at the top of the results or as close to it as possible. Keep in mind that it is very rare for a person looking for a specific item to buy to look any further than may be the first 10 results of the list.

crește-ți traficul Google în 10 pași

Here are a few tips on what you can do quickly enough:

1) Keywords: the A and Ω.
To stand out from your competition you need to use the correct keywords. This is the cornerstone of SEO rankings. To make it easy, think about the phrases you yourself would use to look for something similar.

2) Content: Quality is paramount.
What Google actually publishes is your meta titles and descriptions. Those must be enticing and relevant to the rest of your content, not to mention user friendly. It is of course mandatory to include any piece of information like your location, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, even embedded geo sitemaps, that people can use to get in touch with you.

3) Maintain consistency.
The wording of your business details must be exactly the same everywhere. Sites, social media profiles and local directories. The ranking algorithms take a grim view of businesses and listings in general that have different information uploaded to different sources.

4) Google Local is a must.

Local Google+
To get in touch with your potential clients easily and assure maximum exposure you need to make use of the Local Google+ pages.

5) Don’t forget the local listings.
Search engine algorithms count citations. Each time you input your contact data in a local directory and/or a review page, a citation is added to the count. The higher the count, the higher the ranking for your business.

6) Social Media.

rețele de socializare

We already said that you need to use the exact wording on your social media profiles. But of even more importance is to keep updating those profiles and accounts. It is more likely that people will locate you on Facebook than Google.

7) Reviews.
Before deciding on visiting and possibly converting people want to read what other people have experienced doing business with you. Ask for reviews from your clients. Do not use fakes.

8) All links must be active.
Rankings also count the links you have on your site. Broken links do not only frustrate visitors, they also indicate to a search engine that you have a neglected page.

9) Little URL tricks.
Very long URLs do not do any good to your search visibility. Keep them clean, do not use number strings (search engines get confused) and add your keyword to the URL.

10) ALT descriptions and captions.
Images and media files attract searches as long as a keyword is included in either a description or a caption.

The aforementioned tips can be implemented quite quickly. However, this is just the beginning. Other measures should also be put to effect and those will take considerably more time.

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